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Public Apathy Toward Security Issues

I’ve had a nagging question for some time now. It comes to mind when an incident happens like the one in Estonia, featured in Wired Magazine. I read the aforementioned article and thought,  “My God, if this was done on U.S. soil... Read More

Obstacles to Proactive Security

A fair amount of talk in the security industry involves whether organizations are being proactive, reactive, or some combination of both. Risk assessments can proactively identify threats/vulnerabilities while security devices (firewalls, IPS, anti-virus software, etc.) contend, and in most cases deliver, early detection and mitigation of... Read More

Security as a Strategy Launch!

Welcome to Security as a Strategy! Patriot Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of our IT security blog…Security as a Strategy. The purpose of our blog is to promote the sharing of ideas, opinions and solutions related to IT security. We hope... Read More