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Focus on 4 Areas to Protect from DDos Attacks

The recent crossfire incident where GitHub found itself battling to stabilize service exemplifies the critical importance of defending your network against DDoS attacks. While most US based security experts unequivocally point the finger at CNNIN’s complicity, simply identifying the origin of threats... Read More

NERC CIP Compliance Checklist: Tips for CIP Compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Program (NERC CIP) is a set of requirements that is intended to help protect assets required for the reliable operation of North America’s bulk electric system. These mandatory reliability standards include 9 main standards... Read More

Malware Morghulis

Are we losing the fight against malware and the hackers who are making every day a zero day? Few authors are as skilled as GRRM when it comes to killing off important characters. Clearly, that oft-uttered phrase from the eastern continent, “…... Read More

PCI Issues Penetration Test Guidance

EXPERTS DEBATE WHETHER ADVICE GOES FAR ENOUGH Experts debate the value of new PCI guidance for how businesses should use penetration testing to identify network vulnerabilities that could be exploited for malicious activity. Does the new advice go far enough? Read More… Read More