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Patriot Celebrates 20 Years

FREDERICK, MD, November 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Launched in February 1996, Patriot Technologies, Inc. prepares to celebrate two decades of premier design and engineering services in the rapidly expanding field of cyber security for data centers, cloud infrastructure, industrial control systems, and... Read More

Think About Breach Readiness to Achieve Security

Studies show that nearly 50% of companies had at least one security incident during the last year prompting organizations to increase their security budgets to try to protect themselves. But, while IT has the responsibility for data breach protection, it's the business... Read More

Preventing Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Any cyber attack has the potential of being expensive. Analyzing an attack, understanding what attackers were after, assessing the damage, and other post-attack procedures are all necessary but costly consequences of these kinds of breaches. Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure however, are... Read More

Focus on 4 Areas to Protect from DDos Attacks

The recent crossfire incident where GitHub found itself battling to stabilize service exemplifies the critical importance of defending your network against DDoS attacks. While most US-based security experts unequivocally point the finger at CNNIN’s complicity, simply identifying the origin of threats isn’t... Read More