Kiosk Remote Management

Enterprise kiosk management solution bridging the gap between you and your kiosks.

KioBridge brings enterprise-class management services to your deployed kiosks. Avoid those field calls by having complete hardware, security, and network monitoring platforms 24×7 for each of your remote kiosk systems. Ensure greater up-time and deploy updates in a predictable and managed manner. Finally, a solution for enterprise management.

It’s more than just network connectivity, it’s complete control and monitoring.

Patriot Cyber has been providing innovative and expertly-designed cyber security solutions for over 20 years. KioBridge brings the best 24×7 monitoring from 100% USE-based technicians to support your proactive kiosk management solution. With customized alerts based on a series of factors, you can use the scalable notification routing system to receive text, email, instant message or phone calls.

Hardware Monitoring:

  • Monitor power use, temperature, and tamper monitors
  • Monitor CPR, storage, and RAM
  • Monitor system diagnostics and communication

Software Monitoring:

  • Monitor operating system status and logging
  • Monitor application to SYSLOG capture for auditing

Network Management:

  • Network monitoring with remote administration and fail-over protection
  • Network reconfiguration

Remote Management:

  • Scheduled or on-demand updates to software or firmware
  • Change EFI settings

Security Services:

  • Compliance auditing and remediation services
  • Incident tracking

Centralized Incident Management:

  • Ticketing system can be integrated into customer systems
  • Single point of contact with reporting
  • Customized escalation rules
  • Management of hardware break/fix

Bridge the gap between your infrastructure and kiosk network to keep your systems running their best.

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